As I stated in the hello post, I started this project with a friend so we could document our steps while learning new techniques and applying what we already know, earning more experience, committing mistakes, fixing the mistakes and so on and so forth. So we can have a kind of a journal of what we learned and how we learned for future guidance.

What is Portfel Projet ?

Portfel is a polish word that means 'wallet'. The idea is to create a simple virtual wallet where you can manage your money like create virtual wallets, deposit and withdraw money on them, borrow money to and from others users and have a simple frontend. Everything using a micro-service like application.

First meeting

In the first meeting we created a Github repository for the application(this will be public available in the future) and had our ideas of what we want the application should do in a broader view

  1. It was decided that our application will have a User Management service on it's own(something like an OAuth service).
  • This is will be a simple service to authenticate and authorize the user so he/she can wander through the application
  1. The wallet management service will allow the user to deposit and withdraw money, as borrow and ask money
  • The service that will actually do the actions, where the user can create your wallets deposit and withdraw money and borrow to and from others users

We also added a future idea of adding some or all wallets in a blockchain to make things more serious like using it's smart contracts and other things, but so far it's just an idea, nothing concrete


I know this is but a very short description about the projet and as it was just the first meeting. We will work on adding more and more ideas in the next time until we have something usefull we can start with to either code or just develop documentation on top of it. So see you in the next post. If you want to know what's my friend view about this meeting reach him in his blog using this link(Whenever he posts it I will update it here)