Oh hello dear

This is just but an introduction to what you might see in this blog. My name is Kleber Stender(my friends call me Kiber, that's the origin of the blog's name).

Why am I writing this?

The reason this blog was created is that once you reach some knowledge in your life, you need to practice it or use it often otherwise you will either forget it complete or worst, you will forget it partially making it hard for you to prove you really have such knowledge.(A.k.a bad interviews)

So in order to document everything I learn for a further easier research and for whoever find it usefull, I will blog my activities, links, explanations and anything that can make easier for understanding some subject.

The start

To start I agreed with a friend(Cesar's Blog) about us doing a project together, simulating a normal company schedules having all the scrum's rituals: Brainstorm sessions to determine the whole picture of the product, MVP (minimum viable product) creation, grooming session to understand and create tasks, planing session to break tasks in smaller subtasks making it easy to estimate, sprint iterations to develop the tasks, retro sessions to check what was good and what was not, highlighting what was good to keep doing or improve it and what was not good to know why it was bad and how to not commit the same mistakes. This project is called Project Porfel (Portfel means wallet in polish). He will post he way of seeing and thinking in his blog and I will post the same things but in my way of seeing and thinking about these same things.

Besides Project Portfel I will post other stuff like my functional programing learnings and anything related to programming that I may feel inclined to post because I feel that it will help me or anyone else in some way.

This blog is written in two languages for now: English and Brazilian Portuguese. In the future I want to write it in as many languages as I can speak, using this blog to practice them.